CLI commands

Command Description
add connection/protocol/skill [name] Add connection, protocol, or skill, called [name], to the agent.
create NAME Create a new aea project called [name].
delete NAME Delete an aea project. See below for disabling a resource.
fetch NAME Fetch an aea project called [name].
freeze Get all the dependencies needed for the aea project and its components.
gui Run the GUI.
generate-key default/fetchai/ethereum/all Generate private keys.
install [-r <requirements_file>] Install the dependencies.
list protocols/connections/skills List the installed resources.
remove connection/protocol/skill [name] Remove connection, protocol, or skill, called [name], from agent.
run {using [connection, ...]} Run the agent on the network with default or specified connections.
search protocols/connections/skills Search for components in the registry.
scaffold connection/protocol/skill [name] Scaffold a new connection, protocol, or skill called [name].
-v DEBUG run Run with debugging.


You can also disable a resource without deleting it by removing the entry from the configuration but leaving the package in the skills namespace.